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A 10-year limited warranty is provided for all hardware parts, excluding tempered glass, damage incurred during installation, shipping, and labor fees.

A 1-year limited warranty warranty is provided specifically for Matte Black and Brushed Gold finishes, also excluding tempered glass, damage during installation, shipping, and labor fees.


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Miko's Hinges Custom 3/8"

Available in:
30-36" Width x 76: Height.
37-42" Width X 76" Height.
43-48" Width X 76" Height.
49-54" Width X 76" Height.
55-60" Width X 76" Height.
Three different hardware finishes.

iStyle's 7island custom glass stands out by offering a glass treatment, which sets it apart from competitors who do not provide this feature.

iStyle's 7island custom glass is readily available in all sizes for prompt delivery, ensuring quicker access compared to competitors who may have a lead time of up to 3 weeks.

The iStyle shower door offers the flexibility of being installed to open either inside or outside, accommodating different preferences and needs.

Miko's Hinges Custom shower enclosure is meticulously crafted using premium materials, including 304 stainless steel hinges and 3/8" thick tempered glass treated with Klearteck Treatment. It can be customized to fit various spaces and is stocked for delivery within three days. Please note that advance payment is required, and returns are not accepted. For precise measurements and pricing information, kindly contact

Hardware Finishes

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