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Available in 24", 30", 36" wide and in different colors

This product showcases a Loft Design with a Classic Transitional look, combining elements of modern and traditional styles. It features Matte Black Front Frame Metal Inserts with Matching Handles, adding a touch of sophistication and coordination. The package includes a matching Matte Black Framed LED Mirror(s), Matte Black Faucets, and Pop-ups, creating a cohesive and stylish appearance. The Frosted Glass Door Inserts add an elegant and unique touch to the design. The Tempered Glass Drawer Organizer provides a functional and organized storage solution. The product is constructed with a Water Proof Polyvinyl Chloride Board and five layers of paint, ensuring durability and water resistance. The Full Extension Drawers allow easy access to the entire drawer space. Installation is made easy, simplifying the setup process. The product is compatible with various sinks, offering flexibility in sink selection to suit your preferences and needs.


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